How to Handle Nutrition “Disaster Days”


Tiger Woods, in his prime considered one of the most supremely conditioned athletes in history, once published a book that featured segments on how to consume fast-food hamburgers, doughnuts and cola.

Why? Because he understood that life happens. As important as it is to maximize nutrients and work-out efficiency, it can be equally important to manage the “bad” days – celebrations, work crunches and social engagements that force fatty foods and poor workout hours upon you. Here are some ways to manage the pain.

Pick Your Spots

Tiger’s advice centered around “picking your spots” – instead of giving up your favorite fast-food meal or dessert, plan ahead and manage the best times to break protocol.

For instance, before competing in a pick-up basketball game, “carb loading” on French fries can be perfectly okay as your body will have a chance to burn off the carbohydrates and fat. However, if you’re facing long office hours for a week with little chance to exercise, avoid starchy food and consume as many vitamins and hydrating fluids as possible.

Choose The Least-Damaging Option

Suppose you’re on a date, and your sexy partner offers to buy dessert for both of you. No need to be a doorknob and say no! However, there is also no need to ruin your diet plan for that week. Many restaurants offer low-fat desserts and other small-portion options to enjoy a taste of sugar without ruining your metabolism or … [Read the rest]